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instructional. voting? shipping? posting scans? start a journal. applications.

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1854-finally fun! [Friday the 21st of September at 18:45]

so after having the book for WAY too long and failing to get good scans or digital shots too many times for it to be okay, i've finally got my 1854(a good year!) contributions ready to share with all of you. some of the pages still got cut off a little bit, but nothing too bad.

ch-ch-ch-check it out!Collapse )

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sorrysorry [Friday the 29th of June at 20:16]

so sorry it took me so long to actually scan these guys. i get my paycheck on thursday and it should be in the mail on friday. here are scans - &&&Collapse )

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Application [Thursday the 28th of June at 11:07]

[ mood | high ]

01 Samantha, 17, Massachusettes
02 mediums I tend to use: pen,marker,paint,ribbon,random found objects.
03 at least one picture of my fine self

04 five + pictures of my artCollapse )

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alphabetical member list [Friday the 4th of May at 19:21]


  1. 13694 montana, usa
  2. _345infinity tennessee, usa
  3. _carraway new york, usa
  4. avabizarre ontario, canada
  5. bird_flew florida, usa
  6. budutchbu texas, usa
  7. catori_inteus north carolina, usa
  8. chocolatesnaps
  9. contact_printt new york, usa
  10. el_cangrejo new york, usa
  11. jzierau new york, usa
  12. limbs_lost & live__bait new york, usa *MODERATORMODERATOR
  13. maejane rhode island, usa
  14. michael_joseph texas, usa
  15. milk_petals new york, usa
  16. neptunenobody , austrailia
  17. nothingsong pennsylvania, usa
  18. oh_ah arizona, usa
  19. oh_honeypot , england
  20. polaroid_hue new york, usa
  21. revamay ohio, usa
  22. saywhatyousee purmerend, holland
  23. secondstereo missouri, usa
  24. syringe1901 quezon city, philippines
  25. talklikelovers (your_lungs_only) florida, usa
  26. quietseas louisiana, usa
  27. velleitypie minnesota, usa

pixie_dust33 THIEF
ohoctopi SUCKASS
teamdynamite SUCKASS

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journal master list [Wednesday the 2nd of May at 14:40]

001 morethan23 original (live__bait) in progress
002 1854, a good year (live__bait) in progress

. comment here with the title/number of your journal when you start one.

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